Dear Diary

Dear Diary, Today's been okay for the most part. I made it through my classes. Nothing that interesting happened at school. Nothing that interesting happened, period. I just feel so frustrated. Or down. Or I don't know what to call it. It's like this pressure. It's not quite anxiety but it almost is. And no … Continue reading Dear Diary

The One Where I’m Living in Limbo

Graduation is behind me. Summer's come and gone. I'm on to bigger, better things. Welcome to travel blogging 2.0. Back to consistency when nothing in life is consistent, ironic isn't it? I live in Korea now, except not really. I am living in a foreigner-friendly bubble on a mountain in Korea. My life follows a … Continue reading The One Where I’m Living in Limbo

The One Where I’m (still) Sad

Dear Me,  How are you? I know I know the answer to that. You've been better. Your best friend just came into your room and asked what you were doing today and then said "I'm sorry you're sad." You knew, deep down somewhere, didn't you? You knew you were sad, but you didn't think you … Continue reading The One Where I’m (still) Sad

The One Where I’m Starting to Crack

That's an ironic title given the last post was about positivity. I am struggling to stay positive. I need to follow some of my own advice. I just feel a lot of pressure right now about school. I've never tried this hard in school before. Ever. And that's honestly really scary for me. You see, I think … Continue reading The One Where I’m Starting to Crack

The One Where I’m Anxious

Anxiety is new for me. I've only had it for about a year now, and it's like not being able to do things you used to as easily. I don't get panic attacks, I just...get tired and anxious and uncomfortable and need to be alone in a secure place. This trip should have been easy … Continue reading The One Where I’m Anxious