The One Where I’m Living in Limbo

Graduation is behind me. Summer’s come and gone. I’m on to bigger, better things.

Welcome to travel blogging 2.0. Back to consistency when nothing in life is consistent, ironic isn’t it?

I live in Korea now, except not really. I am living in a foreigner-friendly bubble on a mountain in Korea. My life follows a schedule I have no say in (8:30 breakfast, 9:00 lecture, 12:30 lunch…), but in a matter of days that will change, too.

I don’t mean to be cryptic; I am in Korea to teach English, and this foreigner-friendly bubble is also known as orientation. It’s been super helpful and informative, especially since most of us have little-to-no teaching experience and have even less of an idea of what we’re walking into. Orientation has been a great experience full of learning and making new friends, particularly ones that will be placed in the same city as me.

Orientation is lovely, but my life is in limbo. I’m it in my city, everyone here speaks English, and all I can do is try to prepare for a job I’m only somewhat familiar with. The Internet is only available in one lobby where it’s painfully slow, and I can’t do much in the city here because I’m busy with my schedule living on this mountain.

Life in limbo isn’t bad, but it’s not ideal. I’m full of conflicting emotions – nostalgia and excitement mostly, and a lot of uncertainty. Canada was lovely and now my time there is done. Korea holds promise for me but of what I know not. Will I be a good teacher? Will I learn Korean? Will I make friends? Will I like it here?

So many questions that only time can answer. I have good feelings and high hopes, I just need to get out of limbo first.  x.

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