Treat Your(new)self

At times like these I indulge in the material things; in the last few days I've gotten a new phone, dyed my hair, and splurged on some high-end makeup. I hate a lot of things about consumerism, but I sure am participating in it lately. That's because people change, I changed, and it's important to me … Continue reading Treat Your(new)self

Let Yourself Get Lost

It is currently 2:06am on Tuesday. I forgot about Motivation Monday. I was getting all ready to go to bed, packing my things for my train tomorrow morning, and then I remembered: I didn't post anything today. Today was Monday. I always post on Mondays. So I turned my laptop back on, and here I … Continue reading Let Yourself Get Lost

Letters From Exchange: The One Where I Have a Monster Inside of My Chest

I have a monster inside of my chest. There, I said it. A monster. Some days it feels like a lion, some days a dragon, some days just pure fire. It changes form but it never leaves, because my body is its cage.  Yes, that's right, there is a monster in my chest and my … Continue reading Letters From Exchange: The One Where I Have a Monster Inside of My Chest

One Month Overdue

The longer I wait to type this out the harder it gets. It's been almost a full month since my last real post, despite my initial goal to blog three times a week. I don't really need to explain myself to anyone, because it is my personal blog and it is my random thoughts and … Continue reading One Month Overdue

A bit of Monday Motivation

Today's a new day and a new week. Some would say it's the hardest day of the week for that very reason, that now we have to go back to school and work after relaxing all Sunday. While I have done more than my fair share of groaning on a Monday, today I feel energized … Continue reading A bit of Monday Motivation

2015: The Year of Me

The title seems a tad self serving, doesn't it? It's not meant to be. It was intended to be "the year of you", but I realized this was a more internalized blog post than a self-help one. Just know that this is the year of you, whenever you're reading this. And you an do anything. I want you to know that I'm trying...

Thoughts Before My Final (Word Vomit)

Why don't I ever focus? Do I just honestly care so little? I think my faith that things will always work out permits my general laziness to overtake any determination to focus on something that feels like actual work. Sure, tonight it's a youtube addiction, but if it weren't that it'd be Tumblr or something … Continue reading Thoughts Before My Final (Word Vomit)

And So the Blog Begins…Again.

On this, the eighth of May, 2014, I have been home for officially one week of summer vacation. This was the first time coming home for more than two weeks since I moved to Vancouver for school, and I didn't even buy a return ticket, because we didn't know when I would go back. It … Continue reading And So the Blog Begins…Again.

The Magic of Halloween.

As I pause one of my favourite Halloween movies of all time (Halloweentown 2, a Disney channel classic I'll never grow out of), I'm inspired to write my, albeit late, weekly post about the most magical of holidays. When we line up our holidays it always makes the cut as one of the best, even … Continue reading The Magic of Halloween.

No Sir, This is My Bubble, You Cannot Have It That's me, and my beautiful I-hardly-slept-and-now-I-have-to-work-all-day-please-get-that-camera-out-of-my-face-sir face. Oh let's be honest, that's my face any day. Displeased facial expression aside, as the article explains, three confirmed sexual assault attacks have occurred on my campus, near my home and place of occupation, since the end of September (a fourth unconfirmed is rumored). I work at … Continue reading No Sir, This is My Bubble, You Cannot Have It