And So the Blog Begins…Again.

On this, the eighth of May, 2014, I have been home for officially one week of summer vacation. This was the first time coming home for more than two weeks since I moved to Vancouver for school, and I didn’t even buy a return ticket, because we didn’t know when I would go back. It was strange, to say the least.


And now, again on this glorious day, I was notified of my official admissions to the University of Oslo for an academic year on exchange. Holy shit crap. Of course I had applied and been nominated by my school, so I knew this was a possibility, but my grades weren’t doing so well this term and I thought for sure they would deny me. Honestly I just didn’t let myself think of the possibility. Two days ago I was happy to have passed all of my classes and was looking at possible cars to buy to drive back to Vancouver (flying home was the most stressful thing I’ve ever done). And now I know that in less than three months, I will be flying to Oslo for a ten month stay in Scandinavia, and I couldn’t be more terrified thrilled.


This blog will start to chronicle more of my summer and that process, as I check off everything on my longg to-do list (starting with my overdue taxes…eep…), and then of course my stay. I hope to introduce some of you to the fantastic Norwegian culture at the same time that I am introduced to it. I’ve never even been to Europe before, or off the continent. Wish me luck!

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