The One Where I Feel Like Chatting

Most Mondays I post some bit of advice or motivation, but it can get quite preachy, and I'm not feeling particularly preachy today. There's only so many things I can give advice about while I'm still working hard on my own goals. So let's have a chat.  I feel good. I struggled a bit last … Continue reading The One Where I Feel Like Chatting

Slow Down (But Don’t Stop)

Motivation Mondays are usually all about reasons to feel good and keep progressing in life, and I absolutely want you to do just that, but due to recent events I want to take this Monday to remind you: it's okay to slow down. I overworked myself, basically. I'm trying really hard this year to be … Continue reading Slow Down (But Don’t Stop)

The One Where I’m Starting to Crack

That's an ironic title given the last post was about positivity. I am struggling to stay positive. I need to follow some of my own advice. I just feel a lot of pressure right now about school. I've never tried this hard in school before. Ever. And that's honestly really scary for me. You see, I think … Continue reading The One Where I’m Starting to Crack

100 First Days

Today is the official celebration of the 100th anniversary of the first ever first day at my university. 100 first days full of wide-eyed first-year students trying to find their classes. 100 first days of making new friends. 100 first days of finding your new home. 100 first days of dreading coming back to school. … Continue reading 100 First Days

If You Could Just Imagine…

Today, in the little world I and the rest of the students from my school live in, is called Imagine Day. Imagine Day is a campus-wide orientation like I expect you'd find at many other universities, where first-years are ushered around in faculty specific groups by older students, awestruck by the ridiculous size of the … Continue reading If You Could Just Imagine…

Loans for Learning

Flashback to early 2012, when I was just starting my 12th grade economics class. My teacher asked the class to answer one not-so-simple question: what do you value most in the world? Cue the anticipated "friends" and "family" responses as we went through everyone. As she got to me, I proudly (though while blushing) stated: … Continue reading Loans for Learning

Letters From Exchange: The One Where I’m Starting to Stress

Pretty soon I'm going to have to title these something else, because my exchange is certainly coming to a close.  To just jump in and address the title, I am starting to stress out quite a bit. It's my own fault, really. Well, it's a combination of having a lot going on and procrastinating proactive … Continue reading Letters From Exchange: The One Where I’m Starting to Stress