If You Could Just Imagine…

Today, in the little world I and the rest of the students from my school live in, is called Imagine Day. Imagine Day is a campus-wide orientation like I expect you’d find at many other universities, where first-years are ushered around in faculty specific groups by older students, awestruck by the ridiculous size of the school and how many things it offers. It’s a day for imagining every possible way the next four (or six) years of your life could go.

I may not be a first-year anymore, but I was no exception to the rule. Tomorrow is the first day of my last year of my undergrad, and that is crazy to say. I’m here, I’m finishing my degree in four years and I’m going to rock it, so as I wandered around campus looking at all of the various clubs and resources at my school, I was imagining every possible way this last year could go, and how it would help me in the real world.

It’s so weird that I’ll have to be a real adult soon, figuring out my student loans and getting jobs and paying taxes, but there’s no avoiding it. It’s terrifying, but I can’t stop it. All I can do is face it head-on, imagining the best possible scenarios. If my university of 50,000+ students seems big, the real world is going to seem like a truly endless sea of avenues and opportunities, and I can’t wait to explore as many as I can.

So, what about you? Are you ready to face the real world, or even just university? What about that trip you’re planning on taking, or the project you want to start? Are you imagining just how amazing it will be? I’m not saying don’t be scared, these things are scary, but take that fear and turn it into motivation to make it the best experience you can. Know that it’s okay to be scared, because that means it’s something you care about. Know that it’s okay to mess up, or change your path, because it’s just part of the journey.

You can be whoever you want to be, do whatever you want to. Just imagine it. x

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