The One Where I Feel Like Chatting

Most Mondays I post some bit of advice or motivation, but it can get quite preachy, and I'm not feeling particularly preachy today. There's only so many things I can give advice about while I'm still working hard on my own goals. So let's have a chat.  I feel good. I struggled a bit last … Continue reading The One Where I Feel Like Chatting

The One Where I’m High On Life

Today I feel amazing. It doesn't matter that I'm sick and hungry and could use a nap. I. feel. amazing. Progress is happening. I always write my Motivation Monday posts about making goals and chasing after them, and I do believe that, but of course it's a little different to follow said advice and even … Continue reading The One Where I’m High On Life

Slow Down (But Don’t Stop)

Motivation Mondays are usually all about reasons to feel good and keep progressing in life, and I absolutely want you to do just that, but due to recent events I want to take this Monday to remind you: it's okay to slow down. I overworked myself, basically. I'm trying really hard this year to be … Continue reading Slow Down (But Don’t Stop)

The One Where I’m Starting to Crack

That's an ironic title given the last post was about positivity. I am struggling to stay positive. I need to follow some of my own advice. I just feel a lot of pressure right now about school. I've never tried this hard in school before. Ever. And that's honestly really scary for me. You see, I think … Continue reading The One Where I’m Starting to Crack

Tips for Staying Positive

It's officially October now which means one thing for those of us in school: midterms. Well, midterms, essays, and overall high stress levels. The warm frivolous days of summer are long behind us, the introductory lessons just finished, and now we all, students or not, feel the pressure to seriously get back to work. It's … Continue reading Tips for Staying Positive

100 First Days

Today is the official celebration of the 100th anniversary of the first ever first day at my university. 100 first days full of wide-eyed first-year students trying to find their classes. 100 first days of making new friends. 100 first days of finding your new home. 100 first days of dreading coming back to school. … Continue reading 100 First Days

Starting at the Middle

Back-to-school is upon us all, and whether you go to school or just get bombarded by all of the ads and posts about it, you must be feeling some sort of that sentiment that a new year is starting...but wait, isn't it August? Every year we seem to start two new years: a calendar year … Continue reading Starting at the Middle

Loans for Learning

Flashback to early 2012, when I was just starting my 12th grade economics class. My teacher asked the class to answer one not-so-simple question: what do you value most in the world? Cue the anticipated "friends" and "family" responses as we went through everyone. As she got to me, I proudly (though while blushing) stated: … Continue reading Loans for Learning

Letters From Exchange: Thoughts on the Flight Home

Man, do I have to pee.  That's it, that's the end of my year (10 months, whatever) of exchange, of adventure. I flew to Oslo 10 months ago and had one of the toughest days of my life, sleep-deprived and hungry, pushing my body weight in luggage around a foreign country on one of the … Continue reading Letters From Exchange: Thoughts on the Flight Home

Letters From Exchange: The Beginning of the End

This is it, this is the moment it all starts. Okay, so, "it" has been going on forever because "it" essentially is life, but this moment feels particularly...momentous. This is the beginning of the end of my exchange. On Thursday I finished my last two finals, on Friday I took a short break, and today … Continue reading Letters From Exchange: The Beginning of the End