Starting at the Middle

Back-to-school is upon us all, and whether you go to school or just get bombarded by all of the ads and posts about it, you must be feeling some sort of that sentiment that a new year is starting…but wait, isn’t it August?

Every year we seem to start two new years: a calendar year and a school year. In January we all feel motivated to start our new resolutions, and most of us fall short. In August we get new notebooks and pens and prepare to socialize be taught more challenging lessons.

If you’re starting a new school year, be it middle school, high school, or college: don’t worry, you’ll be just fine. School is hard, no matter the age, but it’s also exciting. It’s a chance to start over every year and work towards being the person you want to be. And if you’re not in school, are you thinking this way too?

Even though we’re 2/3rds of the way through 2015, and even though many of us are done with our days of institutionalized education, that doesn’t mean it can’t be a fresh start for us all. Just think of it as starting at the middle. What were those New Year’s Resolutions you wrote back in January? How’s your progress towards them going? Have the things you want out of the year changed? Never be afraid to revise your goals as you change.

Is there something you’ve been wanting to change in your life? Maybe you aren’t active enough, or maybe your style isn’t what you want it to be, or maybe you still haven’t picked up that hobby. It is never a wrong time to change your life. You can literally change your lifestyle at any moment, so why not now? I want you to spend an evening thinking about it, and then wake up the next morning and start. Go for a run, look for that perfect leather jacket, look up what you need to start that hobby. Just do it.

Life gets mundane. Whether you’re going to school or working 9-5 every day, it’s easy to get caught up in what society tells you to do: complete your work, rest, repeat. But where’s the long-term goals? What’s going to make you happy and fulfilled? We all act as if we can be happy but not too happy, everyone has to have complaints, everyone has to have something they want to change, so why not change it now?

Don’t let your own goals and desires get pushed aside too far while you do what’s expected of you. I want you to take this new year attitude we have every August as an opportunity to start again, in the middle, and rock it, because you deserve to feel happy and fulfilled.

Let me know what you’re going to change and how you’ll get started in the comments. Are you going to get a planner and organize your time better? Or maybe you’ll finally start writing that book you’ve always wanted to. I want to hear all about it. Best of luck.x

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