A bit of Monday Motivation

Today’s a new day and a new week. Some would say it’s the hardest day of the week for that very reason, that now we have to go back to school and work after relaxing all Sunday. While I have done more than my fair share of groaning on a Monday, today I feel energized and inspired to tackle my week, and so I thought I would share some of my inspiration to dream, think, and work (hehe).

“No glory in the process”: if you’ve read any of my recent posts you know that I have a bit of a youtube addiction. Well, thanks to Tyler Oakley, I was introduced to the phrase “no glory in the process,” which means there’s no point in talking about whatever you’re working on if you haven’t finished it yet, it’s all just talk until you have something to show for it. This may seem a bit harsh, but honestly, it makes me want to work harder every day so that I’ll have something to show for it.

It’s still a new year. I know that a new year doesn’t really mean much, and it’s kind of silly to point out, but we really haven’t even finished the first month of the new year yet. So I didn’t blog as much as I wanted to in my first two weeks, and I didn’t eat that well at first, and I may have spent the majority of last week in bed. So what? There are still 339 days left to make this the year of me, and seeing how quickly the first 26 went by, I better get going on that.

And my last one, well I can’t share my exact motivation with you, because it comes from seeing these idols I have doing as much as they can with their lives, and my idols are not your idols. So find someone you can look up to, not necessarily in all aspects of life (we are all still people after all), but for their work ethic. Someone who’s hustling every day to do great things and get their name out there, whether their field be entertainment, science, fashion, health, writing, or otherwise. Find someone who’s doing the kinds of things you want to do and killing it to motivate you to work your ass off this Monday.

I hope you all kick some ass this Monday. And if you’re not feeling up to it today, don’t worry, we all have our down days. You’ll find your motivation again 🙂

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