Letters From Exchange: The One Where I Write Myself a To-Do List

I think I’m actually starting this one by asking myself “what do I need to tell myself today?”

I think I probably mostly need to tell myself to get out of bed, seeing as it’s almost 6pm and all I’ve done is scroll through Tumblr and eat breakfast. I’d like to claim this happened maximum once a week, but I try not to lie to myself. Ironically, I’m actually more motivated to be productive with my life than usual this week. I just also got really tired and had bad period cramps yesterday, so, there’s that.

I need to start filling out forms, that’s for sure. I missed the deadline to apply for credit transfer last term, and I need to get on top of that if I want my classes to transfer over. I wish they gave warning about the deadlines, but I just checked on Thursday and found out the deadline is tomorrow. Thanks for the notice.

I need to put away the clothes I washed on Tuesday, shower, and finish wrapping the Christmas presents littering my floor so I can send them off on their way to America. After the amount of time it’ll take to get there, I may as well just bring them back with me in the summer for crying out loud.

I need to edit. I have a video going up tonight that I haven’t started editing yet and I kind of keep forgetting that I even have that to do. Thankfully my travel vlogs don’t usually take too long to edit, hopefully this won’t be any different.

I need to write. I feel inspired to write again after so long of not feeling it, and I really need to take advantage of that. I need to explore that world in my head and find the answers I’m looking for to flesh out this story I have started. Plus I’ve started listening to spoken word, and it’s so powerful and I really want to try writing some of my own. I think it’s a combination of laziness and that stupid fear of sounding stupid that’s stopped me so far, but it’s not as though I’ll have to share it with people if I think it sounds stupid.

I need to do my readings. Let’s face it, I’m a history student. There’s no point in getting a history degree if I don’t actually learn much from my classes, given that it’s not the kind of degree that will get me a job. And thank goodness I don’t want a job that it could potentially give me, I’ve just chosen to learn what I like and do what I love and if they aren’t the same things, that’s okay. But I really should get on those readings, I spent an awful lot on compendiums.

So those are things I need to do today, and yeah it feels like a lot, but I promise it doesn’t have to when I do them. And really what I need to do and what I need to tell myself are two different things. This should have gone “what do I need to tell myself today?”: I am intelligent, I am creative, and I am worthy of the things I aspire for so long as I get up and work hard. Maybe you need to tell yourself that, too.

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