The One Where I’m Swimming

Today started as "fuck, it's Monday" and is coming to a lovely end as "I'm ready for Tuesday." I've struggled with sleeping since coming to Korea - I'm not sure if it's that my bed is a lot less comfortable (which it is), or that I'm stressed, or now if I'm coming up with some … Continue reading The One Where I’m Swimming

The One Where I’ve Been Here for Two Months

Two months. It's been almost exactly two months since I moved to Korea. I still feel like a mess, I still don't know what to do with myself half of the time, but, somehow, I think I'm getting my footing. Working a 9-5 (or, more specifically, 8:30-4:30) job has helped me find a routine, but … Continue reading The One Where I’ve Been Here for Two Months

The One Where I’m Starting to Crack

That's an ironic title given the last post was about positivity. I am struggling to stay positive. I need to follow some of my own advice. I just feel a lot of pressure right now about school. I've never tried this hard in school before. Ever. And that's honestly really scary for me. You see, I think … Continue reading The One Where I’m Starting to Crack

A Mid-Summer Assessment

I am just over halfway done with my two month summer, and as I've been reading the section in Grace's Guide (by Grace Helbig) on how to work hard in the professional world, it seems important that I see just how well I've been doing on those summer goals...(I'm honestly not looking forward to this). … Continue reading A Mid-Summer Assessment

9 Things I Learned At Vidcon

This last weekend I had the pleasure of attending vidcon for the first time, and it was AMAZING. I chose the brand new creator track, which meant I got to go to special panels about being a better youtuber in addition to the larger community events like q&a's and social issue panels. It was three … Continue reading 9 Things I Learned At Vidcon

Treat Your(new)self

At times like these I indulge in the material things; in the last few days I've gotten a new phone, dyed my hair, and splurged on some high-end makeup. I hate a lot of things about consumerism, but I sure am participating in it lately. That's because people change, I changed, and it's important to me … Continue reading Treat Your(new)self

Summertime Schedules

My traveling has ended, summer is officially upon us, and with it comes the inevitable case of the ultimate laziness possible. Seriously, I almost didn't write this post today, I just didn't want to. But time doesn't stop, and neither should your (or my) life. So what are your goals for this summer? Have you … Continue reading Summertime Schedules

Letters From Exchange: Thoughts on the Flight Home

Man, do I have to pee.  That's it, that's the end of my year (10 months, whatever) of exchange, of adventure. I flew to Oslo 10 months ago and had one of the toughest days of my life, sleep-deprived and hungry, pushing my body weight in luggage around a foreign country on one of the … Continue reading Letters From Exchange: Thoughts on the Flight Home

Letters From Exchange: The One Where I’m Traveling A LOT

I meant to blog more while traveling all month, so let me just apologize for that. I always think it'll be easy to keep up with things, but then I actually go and travel and even if I have consistent wifi, I just get so tired that it's hard to focus. I'm struggling just with … Continue reading Letters From Exchange: The One Where I’m Traveling A LOT

Let Yourself Get Lost

It is currently 2:06am on Tuesday. I forgot about Motivation Monday. I was getting all ready to go to bed, packing my things for my train tomorrow morning, and then I remembered: I didn't post anything today. Today was Monday. I always post on Mondays. So I turned my laptop back on, and here I … Continue reading Let Yourself Get Lost