A Mid-Summer Assessment

I am just over halfway done with my two month summer, and as I’ve been reading the section in Grace’s Guide (by Grace Helbig) on how to work hard in the professional world, it seems important that I see just how well I’ve been doing on those summer goals…(I’m honestly not looking forward to this).

I’ll be honest, I haven’t looked at my list of summer goals since, well, before I got back from Norway. But this is going to be an honest assessment, so I’ve dug them back up and here they are:

  • Take TEFL online course & finish
  • get fit as fuck
  • reach 150 blog followers and 200 subscribers
  • get a job in Vancouver lined up
  • make at least one big artsy video
  • learn more editing skills
  • learn to photoshop, make watermarks, and make graphics
  • learn about cameras

So, how far behind do you think I am? Go ahead, take your bets in the comments, I won’t take it personally…You good? Great, moving on.

As of this moment on August 6th, over one full month into summer with less than one month left, I have accomplished exactly 0 of these goals. Not one. (UUUGGHHH)

I’m honestly not sure what I’ve been doing with my time. I had some family time, I went to vidcon, I just spent a night at the beach with a friend, but nothing has been big enough to excuse ZERO progress. I have been working out, but I wouldn’t say I’m anywhere near “fit as fuck.” I’m not even near a healthy weight yet. I’ve posted a total of two videos in the last month and have gained some more views and blog traffic,though honestly that numbers goal should be the least of my worries – having people read and watch my content is amazing and I appreciate everyone who does, but I don’t want you to spend your time on me if I don’t spend my time making great stuff for you to enjoy. That is the very reason I should really have worked on those last four goals a lot more. And the first one? I haven’t even started that 120 hour course…

Okay, enough beating myself up. This is the halfway mark, not the end, and even the end of summer isn’t the end of my life, I’ll just have less free time once school starts and I have to get a job. The point is that I start the right habits now and do what I can moving forward. Maybe I’ll take some tips from Grace’s book, like creating incentives for getting work done and changing up my work environment.

Have any of you set any goals for this summer, and if you checked in on them, how would it look? Let me know in the comments, I’m genuinely curious about your progress. Just know it’s never too late to turn things around, even in this heat.

Also, if you’re struggling to get motivated, find something or someone that inspires you to work hard. For me it was buying Grace’s Guide, maybe for you it’s watching a TED talk or a documentary. Find something, because you deserve to feel motivated about your own future.

This was a bit ranty. Whoops. I promise I’ll get to a more regular schedule of posting again next week (how many times have I said that before??). Now, I’m off to edit a video and apply to some jobs. Hope you’re all doing well! x.

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