A Mid-Summer Assessment

I am just over halfway done with my two month summer, and as I've been reading the section in Grace's Guide (by Grace Helbig) on how to work hard in the professional world, it seems important that I see just how well I've been doing on those summer goals...(I'm honestly not looking forward to this). … Continue reading A Mid-Summer Assessment

Summertime Schedules

My traveling has ended, summer is officially upon us, and with it comes the inevitable case of the ultimate laziness possible. Seriously, I almost didn't write this post today, I just didn't want to. But time doesn't stop, and neither should your (or my) life. So what are your goals for this summer? Have you … Continue reading Summertime Schedules

What to do, What to do…

I wouldn't say my life is a mess necessarily, but I would say that there are quite a few complicated aspects of it swimming around my head on a daily basis. Between finishing up finals, packing up my room, getting ready to travel for three months, trying to better my health, and personal things going … Continue reading What to do, What to do…

Inside My Weekly Mental Breakdown

Note: I do tend to have a weekly mental breakdown that follows almost this exact train of thought every time, only it usually happens at night. Today it happened while I walked to class, and I decided to journal it down. I'm not sure if it'll help you in any way or satisfy any curiosity … Continue reading Inside My Weekly Mental Breakdown

Spring Has Sprung

Wow Amanda, what an original title that totally isn't simply stating the obvious. You'd think I would get better at titles the more I write these posts and make my videos, but no, I'm still rubbish at thinking of good ones. Oh well. I hope you can forgive my lack of creativity. Anyhow, yes, this … Continue reading Spring Has Sprung