Spring Has Sprung


Wow Amanda, what an original title that totally isn’t simply stating the obvious.

You’d think I would get better at titles the more I write these posts and make my videos, but no, I’m still rubbish at thinking of good ones. Oh well. I hope you can forgive my lack of creativity.

Anyhow, yes, this week’s motivation is simply that spring has officially sprung. I know that might seem silly, but after a rather dark and depressing winter, my mood has lifted with each day of sunshine we’ve had. Outside nature is getting back to work, realizing that almost an entire third of the year has already gone, and I encourage you to do the same.

WP_20150426_004[1] WP_20150423_002[1]

What’s something that you’ve been trying to find the motivation to do? What are you waiting for? I guarantee you the world won’t be slowing down to help you, not when it’s in full swing. Summer is only six weeks away. How many weeks have you wasted wanting to be productive? Do you really want to not have done anything by summer?

I suppose some of that may have sounded a bit harsh, but I promise it’s for the best. My pep talks to myself follow similar trains of thought, and this Monday is no different. I’ve made my goals for the week, and no matter how tired I get (and boy do I get tired easily) I’m going to stick to them, because I will not find myself in summertime feeling just as sluggish and unproductive.

I’m not saying you have to do everything all at once of course, that would be ridiculous. Start small, take apart whatever it is you’ve been putting off doing piece by piece until you have a small but solid place to start. You can do anything when you put your mind to it, I truly believe it. So go outside and find some inspiration in the blossoming flowers and brighter colors of spring, and prove me right.


I hope you’re having a lovely Monday and that the rest of your week only gets better! x

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