9 Tips To Not Sleep All The Time

Happy Monday, and welcome to a new goodie I’ll be doing each week called Motivation Monday. I know, very original. I used to do MM videos on my youtube channel but have since changed my format and decided that they’d be a better fit here. Sound good? Great. Now that that’s been introduced, onto today’s topic!

I’m a sleeper. Really, I love sleeping. Sleep and I have had a good thing going since birth, when my mom had to wake me up just to feed me because I would choose to sleep over eating any day. That said, there are obviously downsides to sleeping all of the time, namely a lack of productivity and possible weight gain. Once in the cycle of oversleeping it can be difficult to get out of it, as oversleeping tends to lead to extended fatigue throughout the day.

As you might have guessed, having such a passionate connection with sleep, (combined with my hesitance towards caffeine), has made it rather difficult at times to not just stay in a constant state of oversleeping, but as much as I love sleep, I’ve made it a priority to start getting up at regular hours and taking advantage of each day, and I want to help you do the same. So, if you are someone who routinely sleeps through alarms, or you can’t make it through the afternoon without a nap, here are my nine personal tips and tricks to kick that groggy phase in the butt:

1. Make a daily schedule the night before. I’ve found that writing in my planner at least the first five things that I need to do the next day based on an early wake up time motivates me the next morning to actually get up earlier. Otherwise I might sleep in and feel frustrated when I look at all of the things I could have done with that time.

2. Sleep enough. I know, I know, everyone says it, but it is important to know what the right amount of sleep for you happens to be. I personally feel my best if I sleep 8-9 hours, awake still if I sleep 6 hours, but too tired throughout the day if I sleep more or less than that. Find what works for you and make sure you go to sleep at night at the right time to feel your best the next day.

3. Postpone showering. This one sounds kind of gross, and I suppose to some it is. I know some of my friends can’t sleep without showering first, and I, too, prefer showering in the evenings, but if I’m in desperate need for motivation to wake up early the next day, I will put off showering so that I HAVE to get up. Being gross at home is fine, but seeing people the next day will be enough motivation to put an end to the greasy hair.

4. Give yourself something to look forward to the next day. Little things that get me excited to wake up the next day include thinking about what kind of delicious breakfast I can have and a cute outfit I might wear. Find something small that gets you excited to be up and awake and live the day.

5. Make a morning playlist. If you like to wake up gradually, make it one of calming music that you love. Personally, I prefer some Fall Out Boy and Kanye West to get my energy up. It takes zero energy to hit play, but once the music starts I am guaranteed to feel more awake and pumped for the day. I’m sure waking up to the radio could work too.

6. Open your curtains a little. I sleep with my head directly below a window, and when I’m tired and groggy, having just opened my eyes after the fifth alarm, I pull the curtains open just a little bit. Now that the sun has come back to Norway it’s always bright and obnoxious but also very effective. If you don’t sleep next to your window, I can suggest leaving your curtain open just a slight bit when you sleep. It doesn’t take much light to annoy the heck out of a tired person.

7. Work out. Yup, I’m on that health bandwagon, too. I don’t have the best commitment to working out yet, but just getting up in the morning to go for a run makes me feel more desire to be productive throughout the day and less likely to nap. I’ve also heard that laying out your work out clothes the night before can be an effective way to visually motivate yourself.

8. Remove yourself from your room. It seems simple because it is. I really like working in my room, but I think it’s important to find other spaces where you feel productive and comfortable that you can’t nap in. A lot of students frequent the library, but I prefer the noise of the cafeteria.

9. If you can’t get past the exhaustion, lay down instead of napping. Try propping yourself up in bed and either giving yourself a mental break with some social media/television, or find something on your to-do list that you can do with little brain power. Sometimes just spending an hour in bed, but not actually sleeping, can help more than you’d think, and you’ll be more productive if you’re awake.

So there you go! Those were my (rather lengthy) nine tips to waking up/staying awake during the day. I hope that at least one of them was helpful to you. Of course your health comes first, so if you are absolutely exhausted, please do sleep.

I hope you’re doing well, take care of yourselves. x

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