“Yes I Can”

So I’ve moved countries…again. If you’re new here, I grew up in the sunny state of California, but at 18 I left home for Vancouver, Canada, where I went to university. I spent my third year abroad in Oslo, Norway, and that’s when I really spent time on this blog. I went back to Vancouver … Continue reading “Yes I Can”

Effort Makes You

Mondays are for fresh beginnings. Mondays are for starting over. Mondays are for getting over that stupid post-school slump of watching reality shows in bed all day (when you aren't working), your diet and exercise habits so messed up from finals that you can't remember the last time you ate a vegetable. Mondays - today … Continue reading Effort Makes You

The One Where I Feel Like Chatting

Most Mondays I post some bit of advice or motivation, but it can get quite preachy, and I'm not feeling particularly preachy today. There's only so many things I can give advice about while I'm still working hard on my own goals. So let's have a chat.  I feel good. I struggled a bit last … Continue reading The One Where I Feel Like Chatting

Good Stress vs Bad Stress

I've often found that stress will happen regardless of the situation. If I'm in school, I'll be stressed about how much work I have to do; if I'm in sports, I'll be stressed about not being good enough; if I spend a week laying in bed watching television, I get stressed about not doing enough. … Continue reading Good Stress vs Bad Stress

The One Where I’m Feeling 22

Yes, I am embracing the Taylor Swift jokes. Honestly, I like "22," I think it's going to be my anthem for the next year of my life. Today is the second day of my life as a 22 year-old, and it started with sleeping in until 11:30 because I was super exhausted on my first … Continue reading The One Where I’m Feeling 22

“I’m Doing Fine”

Prompt: write a song about your love life (just in time for Valentine's day lol) We held onto each other, like all first loves do We thought we'd last forever, till I went and dumped you Some would say I messed it up, that I lost everything 'Cause four years later I'm still alone, but … Continue reading “I’m Doing Fine”

Why Music Is Universal

Recently I've started listening to kpop, and for my new friends this is strange and somewhat laughable, but for my friends who have known me longer it's nothing out of the ordinary. I've been listening to music in other languages since I discovered German and Russian music in middle school (Tokio Hotel and t.A.T.u. to … Continue reading Why Music Is Universal