Letters From Exchange: The One Where I’m Traveling A LOT

I meant to blog more while traveling all month, so let me just apologize for that. I always think it’ll be easy to keep up with things, but then I actually go and travel and even if I have consistent wifi, I just get so tired that it’s hard to focus. I’m struggling just with this.

Admittedly, I was about halfway through my Motivation Monday post this week when I stopped. I quite suddenly got sad and frustrated and lost my motivation, and that prevented me from feeling like I could finish the post, and that’s fine. A setback or a hard night is not a failure.

So far I have spent two days in Warsaw, three days in Krakow, two days back in Oslo, three days in Bergen, one day on three trains, a bus, and a boat across Norway, and three more days in Oslo. Tomorrow I fly north to Tromso and after three days of being the designated tour guide and after all of the walking, I’m looking forward to a little down time. Traveling is amazing, but also both mentally and physically exhausting. Today was one of those harder days where I just wasn’t in the right mood to be running around Oslo trying to get the last attractions in. I was tired and uncomfortable and crabby, and I constantly feel a little irritated from being around family constantly and uncomfortable with my weight.

I guess this has become a traveling exchange log, a bit about what it’s like. I’m a bit too tired to wrap this up well, but I just thought I’d update you on everything going on. For all that complaining, I am having a wonderful time.

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