Mirror, Mirror

"Stop touching your face so much, you're the reason it looks like that." "Why are you so obsessed with yourself?" "Okay but we do look good let's be real." "Seriously, stop digging craters in our skin." "No, that foundation is not your shade." "Yes, your butt is getting flabby." "We've had better outfits, but I … Continue reading Mirror, Mirror

Chronicling Korea: Eating as a Community

Before coming to Korea, I never thought twice about eating alone. In a typical day, I have a very different schedule from that of my friends, and so naturally I would eat most or even all meals by myself. That just made sense. Here, however, it's a different story. In Korea, it can be seen … Continue reading Chronicling Korea: Eating as a Community

The One Where I’m Having a Great Week

I'm realizing I should have called this series "Letters to Myself," but now it feels too late to change it. Oh well, missed opportunity. If you are not myself, this is a regular introspective series on my blog I started to reflect on the internal and external happenings in my life while on exchange last … Continue reading The One Where I’m Having a Great Week

200 Days of Self Love

I've spent a fair few blog posts documenting my troubles with self love, which led to the decision last Valentine's Day to try an exercise called 365 Days of Self Love. It mostly is what it sounds like, unless you have a very dirty mind about everything: every night I write down in my journal one … Continue reading 200 Days of Self Love

Treat Your(new)self

At times like these I indulge in the material things; in the last few days I've gotten a new phone, dyed my hair, and splurged on some high-end makeup. I hate a lot of things about consumerism, but I sure am participating in it lately. That's because people change, I changed, and it's important to me … Continue reading Treat Your(new)self

Finally Okay With Food

Food is...complicated. Most of us admittedly don't have the healthiest relationship with it, and for that we aren't our healthiest. Be it because we eat our feelings or we feel like we shouldn't eat at all, food almost always seems to end up as the enemy; food is not the enemy. It's taken me a … Continue reading Finally Okay With Food

Letters From Exchange: The One Where I’m Traveling A LOT

I meant to blog more while traveling all month, so let me just apologize for that. I always think it'll be easy to keep up with things, but then I actually go and travel and even if I have consistent wifi, I just get so tired that it's hard to focus. I'm struggling just with … Continue reading Letters From Exchange: The One Where I’m Traveling A LOT

100 Days of Self Love

I swear I didn't forget about this Motivation Monday, I just got really into editing my new video. Whoops! Anyway, a few months ago I made a couple of posts relating to self love and specifically my lack of it. The first post was a rant which led to a deep dark spiral of hating … Continue reading 100 Days of Self Love

One Month Overdue

The longer I wait to type this out the harder it gets. It's been almost a full month since my last real post, despite my initial goal to blog three times a week. I don't really need to explain myself to anyone, because it is my personal blog and it is my random thoughts and … Continue reading One Month Overdue