The Magic of Halloween.

As I pause one of my favourite Halloween movies of all time (Halloweentown 2, a Disney channel classic I’ll never grow out of), I’m inspired to write my, albeit late, weekly post about the most magical of holidays.

When we line up our holidays it always makes the cut as one of the best, even though schools fail to give us time off for it. I don’t need to be going out trick-or-treating or to a party to feel the spirit of the holiday. All it took for me this year was an amazing live performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show to get me in the spirit of all that is beloved of this time of year. Halloween isn’t about candy, it’s about getting to be whoever you want to be for a day, and looking into magic without seeming weird. Halloween is about everything that we aren’t, but sometimes wonder if we ever were.

I’m sorry to cut this short, but seeing as I’m terribly tired, short and sweet seems best.

May you all have magical weeks, as well as lives.

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