Thoughts Before My Final (Word Vomit)

Why don't I ever focus? Do I just honestly care so little? I think my faith that things will always work out permits my general laziness to overtake any determination to focus on something that feels like actual work. Sure, tonight it's a youtube addiction, but if it weren't that it'd be Tumblr or something … Continue reading Thoughts Before My Final (Word Vomit)

Oh Oh Oh, Where Does the Time Go?

So I've been blogging for a while now, and I've accidentally gone from blogging two to three times a week down to about once a week. And I'll blame it on the fact that I started making youtube videos three times a week and how much time that takes up, except I don't make youtube videos all three days every single week because, well, I failed at keeping up that schedule as well. I haven't even had a lot of class, and I hardly leave my room, and I've barely written anything for my book since I started it. Where is my time even going?

The Magic of Halloween.

As I pause one of my favourite Halloween movies of all time (Halloweentown 2, a Disney channel classic I'll never grow out of), I'm inspired to write my, albeit late, weekly post about the most magical of holidays. When we line up our holidays it always makes the cut as one of the best, even … Continue reading The Magic of Halloween.

No Sir, This is My Bubble, You Cannot Have It That's me, and my beautiful I-hardly-slept-and-now-I-have-to-work-all-day-please-get-that-camera-out-of-my-face-sir face. Oh let's be honest, that's my face any day. Displeased facial expression aside, as the article explains, three confirmed sexual assault attacks have occurred on my campus, near my home and place of occupation, since the end of September (a fourth unconfirmed is rumored). I work at … Continue reading No Sir, This is My Bubble, You Cannot Have It

Things Go Wrong, Deal With It.

I told myself I would write a new blog post every Saturday, so here goes nothing: This past week I've been working hard, trying to balance school and work and maybe actually doing homework sometimes. It's had more ups than downs and overall I'm highly satisfied, but one day that stuck out most was Wednesday. … Continue reading Things Go Wrong, Deal With It.