May 17th: Norwegian Constitution Day

A little over a week ago was May 17th, the one national holiday out of the year here in Norway that has nothing to do with religion (there are a ridiculous amount of ones that do have to do with religion). I managed to get myself out of bed for a 10am parade (a big … Continue reading May 17th: Norwegian Constitution Day

Letters From Exchange: The One Where I’m Done With Classes

I still have one final exam and two final papers, but as of today I am officially done with lectures in Norway. Once those finals are done I'll be 75% done with my bachelor's degree. Wow. Three years can sure go by faster than you'd expect. I suppose it hasn't helped that I've been moving around … Continue reading Letters From Exchange: The One Where I’m Done With Classes

Oh the Places You’ll Go

    Yesterday I had the pleasure of going to a beer garden where my friend works for the first time. While sitting in the sun in the nice green and white space, I realized how infrequently I still explore this city I've called home for the past eight months. I can blame that on cost … Continue reading Oh the Places You’ll Go

Letters From Exchange: The One Where I Only Have Two Months Left

There are only two months left to my exchange, and I have to say, I'm rather conflicted about it. On the one hand, I'm very excited to leave. That sounds bad, but I won't lie about it. I've chronicled to a silly extent how much the Norwegian winter affected me, and I am excited for … Continue reading Letters From Exchange: The One Where I Only Have Two Months Left

Travel With Me: Prague

Welcome to that time when I give you little fun facts about the lovely places I have been to and my experiences there. First, the video! If you've never seen one of my videos before, you can click that there one to hear me ramble about what it is I did in Prague, as well … Continue reading Travel With Me: Prague

Travel With Me: Munich

Welcome to the third addition of my travel with me series! Some fun facts about Munich: I couldn't decide if I felt confident in my German or not and often switched back and forth, but got really excited when one older man couldn't speak English and I had to speak German. We did, in fact, … Continue reading Travel With Me: Munich

Letters From Exchange: The First One

I'm going to preface this for any readers that, as I often enjoy using this blog as a diary of sorts, I will now continue to do so in letters to myself entitled "Letters from Exchange" (I suppose that title will have to change when I'm no longer on exchange, but I can't be bothered … Continue reading Letters From Exchange: The First One

Travel With Me: Milan

Here is the second installment of my travel with me vlog/blog hybrid, from when I went to Milan. Fun Facts: That delicious pizza doughnut is called panzerotti and the place I got it from is called Luini Panzerotti. Yum. Apparently that mural we were looking for has had so many tourists spin on the bull's … Continue reading Travel With Me: Milan

2015: The Year of Me

The title seems a tad self serving, doesn't it? It's not meant to be. It was intended to be "the year of you", but I realized this was a more internalized blog post than a self-help one. Just know that this is the year of you, whenever you're reading this. And you an do anything. I want you to know that I'm trying...