Travel With Me: Milan

Here is the second installment of my travel with me vlog/blog hybrid, from when I went to Milan.

Fun Facts:

  • That delicious pizza doughnut is called panzerotti and the place I got it from is called Luini Panzerotti. Yum.
  • Apparently that mural we were looking for has had so many tourists spin on the bull’s balls that heels have worn a hole in the tile over his genitals.
  • Pizza in Europe, Italy included, isn’t sliced and is expected to be eaten with a fork and a knife. You know, like real food that we don’t shove in our mouths after drinking too much.
  • The transit was the hardest to figure out here. Not so fun, just a fact.
  • Driving looked like LA driving, except there were no lines in the road separating lanes, so you’d literally have to eyeball it to decide if the street was meant to have two lanes or three or so one. It was terrifying.
  • Some of the oldest tram cars in the world are here, and we rode on one!

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