Chronicling Korea: Eating as a Community

Before coming to Korea, I never thought twice about eating alone. In a typical day, I have a very different schedule from that of my friends, and so naturally I would eat most or even all meals by myself. That just made sense. Here, however, it's a different story. In Korea, it can be seen … Continue reading Chronicling Korea: Eating as a Community

May 17th: Norwegian Constitution Day

A little over a week ago was May 17th, the one national holiday out of the year here in Norway that has nothing to do with religion (there are a ridiculous amount of ones that do have to do with religion). I managed to get myself out of bed for a 10am parade (a big … Continue reading May 17th: Norwegian Constitution Day

Letters From Exchange: The One Where I Only Have Two Months Left

There are only two months left to my exchange, and I have to say, I'm rather conflicted about it. On the one hand, I'm very excited to leave. That sounds bad, but I won't lie about it. I've chronicled to a silly extent how much the Norwegian winter affected me, and I am excited for … Continue reading Letters From Exchange: The One Where I Only Have Two Months Left

One Month Overdue

The longer I wait to type this out the harder it gets. It's been almost a full month since my last real post, despite my initial goal to blog three times a week. I don't really need to explain myself to anyone, because it is my personal blog and it is my random thoughts and … Continue reading One Month Overdue

Travel With Me: Prague

Welcome to that time when I give you little fun facts about the lovely places I have been to and my experiences there. First, the video! If you've never seen one of my videos before, you can click that there one to hear me ramble about what it is I did in Prague, as well … Continue reading Travel With Me: Prague

Travel With Me: Munich

Welcome to the third addition of my travel with me series! Some fun facts about Munich: I couldn't decide if I felt confident in my German or not and often switched back and forth, but got really excited when one older man couldn't speak English and I had to speak German. We did, in fact, … Continue reading Travel With Me: Munich

Travel With Me: Milan

Here is the second installment of my travel with me vlog/blog hybrid, from when I went to Milan. Fun Facts: That delicious pizza doughnut is called panzerotti and the place I got it from is called Luini Panzerotti. Yum. Apparently that mural we were looking for has had so many tourists spin on the bull's … Continue reading Travel With Me: Milan

Quirky Cultural Differences (#6)

This is long overdue, and becoming less quirky with time. I just really like the title. Sue me. Not to complain about my own life back home, but undergrad is significantly easier here. The selection and quality of cheese is pitiful. I've come to (sadly) understand that frozen burritos are a North American thing. Skin … Continue reading Quirky Cultural Differences (#6)

10 Quirky Cultural Differences in Norway

I thought I would share with you the video I made about ten of my favorite quirky cultural differences from the series of posts I've made on this blog. In the video I elaborate on some of the things I've noticed with stories of why they're strange or annoying to me, so if you like … Continue reading 10 Quirky Cultural Differences in Norway

Quirky Cultural Differences #5: Norway

This one is long overdue. No one believes in top sheets here. Ikea doesn't even sell them. You have a sheet over your mattress and a blanket, that's it. Girls in the changing rooms are 100% okay with nudity. In fact, most people don't realize that most North American girls think that's weird (we all … Continue reading Quirky Cultural Differences #5: Norway