Travel With Me: Prague

Welcome to that time when I give you little fun facts about the lovely places I have been to and my experiences there. First, the video!

If you’ve never seen one of my videos before, you can click that there one to hear me ramble about what it is I did in Prague, as well as seeing some clips I shot of pretty things while I was there.

Fun facts about Prague:

  • It’s considered the “Amsterdam of the east” for how relaxed authorities are when it comes to substance control, so many shops sold marijuana without worry.
  • There was a statue of a man holding onto an umbrella hanging from the telephone wires outside of our hostel, with more statues of people on top of the hostel.
  • Our short summary of Prague was “such pretty, much religion.”
  • At the airport, the actual security section doesn’t show up until you’re almost at your gate, so yes, we had less time than we thought.
  • I say in the video that most people had good working English, and that’s true, but I think it’s quite specialized to tourism, as our taxi driver warned us “I only speak taxi English.”
  • Go to Prague. It’s beautiful and fascinating.

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