Kitties & Cancer

Since this blog gets a lot of my stream-of-consciousness words, here's a video that's just that. My emotional ramblings after finding out my cat is dying of cancer. It's silly, it's so so minute in the grand scheme of the world or even my life. Still, Kirby's been a part of over half of my life, and … Continue reading Kitties & Cancer

Travel With Me: Munich

Welcome to the third addition of my travel with me series! Some fun facts about Munich: I couldn't decide if I felt confident in my German or not and often switched back and forth, but got really excited when one older man couldn't speak English and I had to speak German. We did, in fact, … Continue reading Travel With Me: Munich

Travel With Me: Milan

Here is the second installment of my travel with me vlog/blog hybrid, from when I went to Milan. Fun Facts: That delicious pizza doughnut is called panzerotti and the place I got it from is called Luini Panzerotti. Yum. Apparently that mural we were looking for has had so many tourists spin on the bull's … Continue reading Travel With Me: Milan


How many people have used that as a title for a post before? Surely more than I have years of life. Oh well, I never claimed to be creative. Some seemingly-not-so-big-but-big-to-me changes are officially underway! After my recent stint of hibernation I have come back stronger and more ambitious than ever, on a mission to … Continue reading Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes