How many people have used that as a title for a post before? Surely more than I have years of life. Oh well, I never claimed to be creative.

Some seemingly-not-so-big-but-big-to-me changes are officially underway! After my recent stint of hibernation I have come back stronger and more ambitious than ever, on a mission to be proactive about my goals in life. This blog was the first stepping stone of my wanting to be a writer, and the second has come in the form of a YouTube channel!

That is just the first video of many more to come. As I say in the video, this channel is all about growth, and it will document my journey to better health (Monday’s videos), my attempts at being better spoken and thoughts on news, literature, etc. (Wednesday’s videos), and my exchange in Oslo (Friday’s videos). Now, you of course don’t have to subscribe to my channel if you follow my blog. I want the two to be complimentary experiences, with different but similar topics, which will all strengthen my skills as a writer and hopefully entertain you as well. It would be really lovely if you could check it out!

Other than that, I’m just feeling really good. I know I should focus on school and getting a job, but I’m really happy with the YouTube thing and this blog. Tonight I’m even making a vision board. Since I’m new here and broke, I don’t have magazines, but instead I just went online and searched pictures of things that inspire me, and today I printed them out and got a poster board and glue stick. After I edit my new video, that will be the nicest way to relax tonight, and the best reminder each morning of what I’m working towards.

The one thing I feel guilty of is that I haven’t actually written for my novel in over a month. I solidified the names of the main characters the other night, but I haven’t sat down and gotten back into really writing yet. I will though, it’s important to me, and once I have something substantial you may start getting summaries and excerpts!

I hope you all are having a lovely Monday. What are you excited for in life? And will you check out the YouTube channel? If you have any suggestions of topics for the blog or the channel, or any thoughts at all, feel free to comment them below!

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