Travel With Me: Amsterdam

So recently I posted that I was going to post a video and a blog post about each place I traveled to in December and January, but as I found trying to type out a full description of the stops a bit tedious after filming a long video about them, I have decided to instead post the videos here, one at a time, so without further ado: Amsterdam!

Fun Facts:

  • According to our canal driver, an average of one car falls into the canals every week.
  • When I said I wondered what the main statue in Dam Square was, my friend said it looked like a giant butt plug.
  • There are places of prostitution literally across the street from a very old, lovely church.
  • Hemp ice cream is possible, and possibly delicious.
  • Foam is good for beer to keep in the sweetness.
  • Amsterdam has well known “chips” (fries) sold in cones with cheese sauce.

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