Oh the Places You’ll Go

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of going to a beer garden where my friend works for the first time. While sitting in the sun in the nice green and white space, I realized how infrequently I still explore this city I’ve called home for the past eight months. I can blame that on cost and anxiety, but ultimately it is my own lack of research to find new places that led to this complacency.

It’s nice, seeing new things. You probably already knew that, but I just thought I’d remind you. If you’re like me and spend a bit too much of your time on your laptop for both business and leisure activities and feel yourself becoming tied to a routine, to a place, it can be so, so good to just go outside and find somewhere new. It felt like a gentle reminder that even though I’m most comfortable in my home, the world isn’t so scary, the world is beautiful.


I spent much of last week feeling sorry for myself and doing little other than watching movies and sleeping. There was no real reason to feel sorry for myself, I just am always so tired. That can’t be an excuse anymore. I know I give myself pep talks regularly on this blog, but this is Motivation Monday, so it’s a pep talk for you, too. I encourage you to set little goals for yourself this week, such as going somewhere new. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone to find the motivation you need.

I think we could all use a little push sometimes, so I hope you take this one and tell me how it goes. Tell me where you go, what you do, and if you feel better since discovering this new place. It doesn’t have to be far, it could be right around the corner, just make sure you’ve never been there before, and maybe take some friends, and take some pictures.

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I hope you all have a lovely week. Talk to you soon. x

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