What You Don’t Know

To whom it may concern, -I feel like a fraud every day, in every situation. Today is no exception. This is no exception. -When I say I'm shy, I mean I have social anxiety. I'm nervous and uncomfortable just being around people most of the time. -My mental health is pretty good now, but it … Continue reading What You Don’t Know

The One Where I’m (still) Sad

Dear Me,  How are you? I know I know the answer to that. You've been better. Your best friend just came into your room and asked what you were doing today and then said "I'm sorry you're sad." You knew, deep down somewhere, didn't you? You knew you were sad, but you didn't think you … Continue reading The One Where I’m (still) Sad

Anxiety is Not an Accessory

https://youtu.be/qr2wrpvdvlI Hi, my name's Amanda, and I have anxiety...do you? You, looking for a way to stand out, thinking this will make people care about you. It won't. Being a good person will. But yeah, I see you. You're romanticizing something that millions of people struggle with every day so let me just tell you: … Continue reading Anxiety is Not an Accessory

The One Where I’m Trying

I fell on my butt last week, I'll admit it.  I didn't want this to be my Wednesday post. I had a much better Wednesday post planned than the word vomit that is this introspective series, but unfortunately I stumbled a bit today, too, and I couldn't do it. I'll get that up another day, … Continue reading The One Where I’m Trying

The One Where Mental Illness is No Joke

If the point of this series is to record genuine human emotion, then that is the only point of blogging today. You don't want to read about me not at my best, and the post I had planned for today that had nothing to do with my lack of emotional well-being, well, I didn't plan … Continue reading The One Where Mental Illness is No Joke

The One Where I’m Starting to Crack

That's an ironic title given the last post was about positivity. I am struggling to stay positive. I need to follow some of my own advice. I just feel a lot of pressure right now about school. I've never tried this hard in school before. Ever. And that's honestly really scary for me. You see, I think … Continue reading The One Where I’m Starting to Crack

The One Where I’m Anxious

Anxiety is new for me. I've only had it for about a year now, and it's like not being able to do things you used to as easily. I don't get panic attacks, I just...get tired and anxious and uncomfortable and need to be alone in a secure place. This trip should have been easy … Continue reading The One Where I’m Anxious