New Year, New Chances

With the new year comes the attitude “new year, new me.” I’ve had this attitude in the past, but why? What is it about a new year that it is big enough to change our habits? Suddenly another 24 hours have passed and brought us into the day we’ve decided marks a new year, and we’re working out, reading more books, and living the lives we’ve always wanted?

You are not new. That’s just the year, I promise. You still like the same things you liked on December 31st, probably still want the same things. The passing of those 24 hours have left you virtually unchanged. And yet, you feel different.

When we decided those 24 hours signified the end of a year and the beginning of a new one, we put this significance on beginnings. You have a beginning upon you. Nothing has changed, but yet this is new. This year. Years are a quantifiable way to view our lives, so we look back on 2015 thinking we didn’t accomplish enough, weren’t our best selves, and we feel motivated to move forward as soon as those 24 hours are over and it is 2016.

So no, you are not a new you. But you do have new chances. Thanks to 24 hours, you have the chance to progress towards the things you’ve always wanted. Thanks to 24 hours, an amount of time that each day takes. Each day can be a new year for you, a new day to make resolutions and to take another chance on yourself. If you fall off the wagon this month, that doesn’t mean you wait until 2017 to try again.

Sometimes 24 hours is all you need to feel motivated to start again.


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