The One Where All Systems Are Down

This isn’t the post I wanted to make today. Or this week. How many times have I said that before? ugh.

In an ideal 2016 my blog will be full of regular posts about advice and writing. Posts that are well written and thought out. This is not one of those posts. This is a post I am writing while I am too exhausted to think properly, yet am also too awake to not do something productive.

I meant to be productive today. I meant to do so much work, because 2016 is my year and I’m going to make sure of it by working harder than I ever have before, except I live with my best friend, and her schedule is very different from mine. I think you see where this is going.

You see, my best friend is a woman of passion, which means she’s not very good at hearing the word “no.” I know I know, I’m 21 and need to stand up for myself, but it’s just so hard sometimes when there’s this perky-eyed brunette starting to pout in front of your face because you won’t go to lunch with her. It’s just lunch anyway, we all have to eat right?

And then before you know it you’ve ruined your healthy diet for the week and spent the last ten hours eating and watching movies and yes, Joy was a great movie (she disagrees, but she has bad taste), but nothing productive happened. Those assignments aren’t finished, those job applications aren’t started, and you’re bloated from all that pasta (I knew I should have gotten the salad).

And so here I am, exhausted and bloated and feeling like I didn’t get anything done, and the system functions are too far gone for those job apps or assignments so I need to at least blog because I’ve been meaning to do that since Wednesday and I should’ve had a piece of actual writing up but I’m too tired to write something poetic or meaningful (“All Systems Down” was supposed to be the title of something that was both) so I’m writing something that’s still writing but I will look back at and think of as another waste of a post.

At least I smiled today, right? Before I know it I’ll be graduating and moving away again and I won’t have that many more days with my best friend like this. That counts for something, right?


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