30 Day Challenge: Growth

Every year I find myself motivated at the new year, and every year I find that motivation dwindle quickly as the weight of a year's worth of commitments weighs down my shoulders. Sound familiar? I allowed myself to remain in motivation limbo at the start of the month, because I was only at work for … Continue reading 30 Day Challenge: Growth

5 Tips for Holding Yourself Accountable

By now we've reached the point in the year when we've all experienced a setback or two with our New Year's resolutions. Maybe you skipped working out for a week, or you got really busy with school and plans and forgot to apply for a job yet. That's perfectly okay. You're not a failure, you're … Continue reading 5 Tips for Holding Yourself Accountable

2015: The Year of Me

The title seems a tad self serving, doesn't it? It's not meant to be. It was intended to be "the year of you", but I realized this was a more internalized blog post than a self-help one. Just know that this is the year of you, whenever you're reading this. And you an do anything. I want you to know that I'm trying...