Trying Something New

Comfort zones are lots of fun, because, well, you’re comfortable, but it’s important to try new things every once in a while to progress as a person, so that’s what I’m here to motivate you to do this Monday!

First, a little on what a comfort zone is: your comfort zone can be a physical place or activity in which you feel unchallenged, and therefore, comfortable. It can be your bedroom, going to school, playing soccer – anything that you’re easily capable of doing. Leaving your comfort zone can cause fear and anxiety, but it can also result in some really rewarding experiences, often doing both of those at once.

Here’s the deal: I know you’re comfortable in your bubble, doing things you’re good at, but if you never leave your comfort zone you’ll miss out on invaluable experiences and never be challenged, and therefore you’ll plateau right where you’re at, and who wants that? You want to be a successful individual who’s constantly evolving into a better version of yourself, because that’s what Motivation Monday is about.

Here’s what you need to leave your comfort zone:

  • Motivation – you have that by now, right? If not, reread the text above, and then if you still aren’t motivated, watch one of your favorite movies, read a favorite book, and think about how much work went into making that, and how many people had to leave their comfort zones to learn how to do that. No one was born an amazing cinematographer, but they had to leave their comfort zone to learn. Pretty motivating, eh?
  • A new activity to do – chances are most of you reading this aren’t going to up and move out of the country to break your comfort zone (I realize most people aren’t as crazy as I am). You could go on a trip somewhere new, but the easiest thing would be to try something new: a new sport you’ve never played, a new class in a topic you don’t study, a new club. What’s something you’ve always wanted to try, but have never gotten around to doing it? The sky’s the limit.
  • Nothing else. That’s it. Just do it.

It’s that simple. Recently I’ve been trying to get more involved in writing on campus, because I need experience if I ever really want to be a writer. While writing may be in my comfort zone, meeting new people surely is not. I’m friendly and you probably wouldn’t guess if you met me, but I have quite a bit of social anxiety for no apparent reason. But still, I need that experience, and these are nice people, so I’ve thrown myself into the lion’s den, even going to dinner with one of the clubs last Friday, and I had a blast. 

Yeah, sure, I was a bit uncomfortable sometimes, but ultimately I had a great time and made a few new friends. I regret nothing.

So what do you want to try? What have you been scared to try but need to for your career? What’s that thing your best friend has been insisting you do with her for the last few weeks? Why haven’t you planned that dream trip? Why are you still working that job you’re overqualified for?

What are you waiting for? x.


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