What You Don’t Know

To whom it may concern, -I feel like a fraud every day, in every situation. Today is no exception. This is no exception. -When I say I'm shy, I mean I have social anxiety. I'm nervous and uncomfortable just being around people most of the time. -My mental health is pretty good now, but it … Continue reading What You Don’t Know

Anxiety is Not an Accessory

https://youtu.be/qr2wrpvdvlI Hi, my name's Amanda, and I have anxiety...do you? You, looking for a way to stand out, thinking this will make people care about you. It won't. Being a good person will. But yeah, I see you. You're romanticizing something that millions of people struggle with every day so let me just tell you: … Continue reading Anxiety is Not an Accessory

Trying Something New

Comfort zones are lots of fun, because, well, you're comfortable, but it's important to try new things every once in a while to progress as a person, so that's what I'm here to motivate you to do this Monday! First, a little on what a comfort zone is: your comfort zone can be a physical … Continue reading Trying Something New