Trying to Think Creatively

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” – Maya Angelou

I have hit a creative block. It’s not particularly uncommon for me. These posts aren’t too affected by it, because while I do put in a bit of effort into them, for the most part they consist of fairly uncensored thoughts. My videos, however, are another story.

My videos aren’t entirely scripted, but I do have a process of coming up with ideas, listing them all down, figuring out which I want to talk about each week and then coming out with a rough outline of what I’ll talk about and scripting any sketches that might go into them. The hardest part is really just figuring out what topic I think is worthy of my time that week, which can have a lot to do with what’s on my mind and what’s in the news that week.

Lately I’ve been harder on myself than I ever have been before. There’s no particular reason for it, I don’t have that many people watching or reading this, I just want to make sure that everything I put out into the world is my absolute best. I want to make sure that I’m pushing myself to do better each time I create something new, because what point is there in doing anything without growing and learning to do it to the best of your abilities?

So today I sat down to plan my next video and I just couldn’t figure out how I want to push myself next. I can talk about relatable topics, but is that too trivial and overdone? I could talk about issues in the news, but I’m usually not the best authority on that and I don’t like always watching/making serious videos. I want to do more advanced editing techniques that I don’t have the equipment for. I want to do something simple but well said. I want to do everything and nothing at all.

Do you see why I’ve hit a creative block?

I realize I probably shouldn’t be so hard on myself for silly things going on the internet (realistically I should be forcing myself to focus more on writing my book and how amazing I want that to be), but I just can’t help it. So today I’m going to try to work through this creative block by finding inspiration in the unique, creative work of others; it is Star Wars day, after all, isn’t it?

So what are you going to do to push yourself to be more creative today? I’m going to think about the innovative way Lucas combined already familiar elements into a brand new story, and watch some videos that do that too. I’ll leave you with my personal favorite today, though I’ll warn you not to watch it if you’re squeamish with bizarre/bloody/creepy things.

Let me know in the comments what you do to be more creative, how you’re spending May the Fourth, or just how you’re doing. x

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