(tw: self-harm/cutting) “Hello,” her hand raised, she assessed her reflection. Maybe not. “Hi…hey, what’s up?” Definitely not. This wasn’t some girl scout meeting (not that that would be much better), she wasn’t going to meet her best friends and sing kumbaya. Why did she even have to go to this stupid thing? She knew the … Continue reading Greeting

The One Where I’m (still) Sad

Dear Me,  How are you? I know I know the answer to that. You've been better. Your best friend just came into your room and asked what you were doing today and then said "I'm sorry you're sad." You knew, deep down somewhere, didn't you? You knew you were sad, but you didn't think you … Continue reading The One Where I’m (still) Sad

The One Where Mental Illness is No Joke

If the point of this series is to record genuine human emotion, then that is the only point of blogging today. You don't want to read about me not at my best, and the post I had planned for today that had nothing to do with my lack of emotional well-being, well, I didn't plan … Continue reading The One Where Mental Illness is No Joke

Tips for Staying Positive

It's officially October now which means one thing for those of us in school: midterms. Well, midterms, essays, and overall high stress levels. The warm frivolous days of summer are long behind us, the introductory lessons just finished, and now we all, students or not, feel the pressure to seriously get back to work. It's … Continue reading Tips for Staying Positive

Letters From Exchange: The One Where I Have a Monster Inside of My Chest

I have a monster inside of my chest. There, I said it. A monster. Some days it feels like a lion, some days a dragon, some days just pure fire. It changes form but it never leaves, because my body is its cage.  Yes, that's right, there is a monster in my chest and my … Continue reading Letters From Exchange: The One Where I Have a Monster Inside of My Chest

One Month Overdue

The longer I wait to type this out the harder it gets. It's been almost a full month since my last real post, despite my initial goal to blog three times a week. I don't really need to explain myself to anyone, because it is my personal blog and it is my random thoughts and … Continue reading One Month Overdue