What You Don’t Know

To whom it may concern, -I feel like a fraud every day, in every situation. Today is no exception. This is no exception. -When I say I'm shy, I mean I have social anxiety. I'm nervous and uncomfortable just being around people most of the time. -My mental health is pretty good now, but it … Continue reading What You Don’t Know

Shopping – If I Had a Million Dollars

I remember as a kid we were often asked what we would do if we had a million dollars. In fact, in fifth grade I had to make a presentation with my friend about how exactly we would spend a million dollars. I remember we bought a huge house for rather cheap in Vegas, furnished … Continue reading Shopping – If I Had a Million Dollars


Being productive. Using my tired ass brain. Responding to this prompt for the sake of consistency, despite my momentary absolute mediocrity. Snails. Spiders. Restless nights spent trying to sleep and, as the name suggests, largely failing. Committing to another person. Meeting other people. Dating. Having to waste my time, money, and energy to meet a … Continue reading Dread

Great Minds: A Letter to Mpho Tutu

Dear Mpho Tutu, I have so much to say to you, yet I realize now that I barely know anything about you. The biggest thing I want to say to you is: thank you. Though I still have much to learn about you, and though you have no idea who I am, you have inspired … Continue reading Great Minds: A Letter to Mpho Tutu

Why I Don’t Want to Marry Rich

In society there is a widespread stereotype that women want to marry rich, particularly in traditional, cisgendered, heterosexual couples (though it is not at all exclusive to those pairings, that is what I will be focusing on in this post. Sorry! I really want to have a more inclusive discussion, but I don't have enough … Continue reading Why I Don’t Want to Marry Rich

An Effervescent Force of Put-Together Perfection

A month ago I had my pride hurt a bit by someone I have to see most of the week. The day after, I put a post-it note on my computer at work that reads: an effervescent force of put-together perfection.  I let my pride sting at home, but that pain manifested itself into a … Continue reading An Effervescent Force of Put-Together Perfection

Letters From Inside: 23 Years

Today I am 23 years old. 8 year-old Amanda, are you proud? 23 years...(see "23" by MikeWillMadeIt ft. Miley, Wiz, and Juicy J) At 23 years I am finally healthy, or at least closer to healthy than I've ever been. I'm a teacher, I live in South Korea. I've lived in four different countries now, … Continue reading Letters From Inside: 23 Years