Shopping – If I Had a Million Dollars

I remember as a kid we were often asked what we would do if we had a million dollars. In fact, in fifth grade I had to make a presentation with my friend about how exactly we would spend a million dollars. I remember we bought a huge house for rather cheap in Vegas, furnished it entirely, and then got a couple of labradoodles to fill it out.

These days, a million dollars isn’t seen as that much money. That said, I still can’t even fathom what it must be like to have a million dollars, even just in assets…man, if I had a million dollars…imagine all the things I could buy…

If I had a million dollars, the very first thing I’d do is pay off every single bit of student debt I have, and if I’m being honest, which I honestly always am, that’ll take up a large chunk. Like we’re talking more than ten percent. We’re talking almost twenty percent.

After that’s settled, I don’t think I’d know what to do with myself. That’s a lie, I would go on a trip. I would plan some big trip for myself, with various portions filled out by an array of people. One best friend in Africa, another in India, and another in Latin America. My parents and I could go through Europe, my cousins could go to Australia with me. I don’t even think I’d do it all at once – spending a whole year traveling sounds exhausting and mostly unproductive. But I would start planning it all, each trip. I would put that money aside for it.

I would also put at least half of the money in the bank, because I need to buy a home someday. I wouldn’t buy the home just yet, because a million dollars really isn’t much in any big city that I want to live in long-term, and because I’m too young to settle so quickly.

I’d buy myself new clothes. As much as I’d like to think that loans, traveling, and savings were it, I would definitely buy myself new clothes. I am, unfortunately, a slave to materialism. I love fashion. I love the way that what I wear can reflect and affect my mood. And I absolutely love the confidence that a well-fitting outfit can bring me. So I would buy a new wardrobe, replacing everything that didn’t bring me joy, and, perhaps most importantly, I would get everything tailored to fit me exactly.

I would pay for the fancy skincare and makeup. You know, the kind that doesn’t break you out when you wear it too long. Again, it’s about confidence.

I would pay for a gym membership for a year, along with some classes I’ve always wanted to take, like kickboxing and yoga. I’m trying really hard to get in shape at home on my own, because that’s all I can afford right now, but if I had the option to I would take so many classes to feel fit and strong and healthy. I would go swimming and oh! dancing! I’ve always wanted to learn how to dance. I could take dance classes.

Speaking of health, I would buy so much healthy food. I’d probably get one of those healthy make-it-yourself meal subscriptions, because I’m really too lazy for proper cooking. I could get some sort of oven, too, and start baking again. I miss baking.

I might pay for some therapy. I don’t think I’m in dire need of it, but any of us could benefit from it. I’ve got some issues to work through of my own. A massage here and there and a trip or two to the chiropractor could be nice, too.

I would go to the dentist. I put that off a lot but I’m worried about my teeth. I need to take care of them.

I would donate money. Of course I would donate money. I would spend some time researching grassroots organizations doing amazing work and try to help them. I would also donate my time. I love volunteering and I miss it dearly.

I wouldn’t stop working. That would be foolish. Everything I’ve just listed, that would easily eat up the whole million dollars, especially if I’m putting half of it into savings. So all while I do this, I would make sure to keep chasing a job that will build onto that savings as well as my passions, but hopefully I could do it with a little less haste. I could spend a little more time on my writing while I do it. Maybe find an internship, or a part-time position. Or work two jobs for all I care. Whatever I want to do. Follow the opportunities that arise. 

If I had a million dollars, I would buy a new bed. One that’s comfortable enough that I don’t need to move so much at night or try so hard to sleep in. And sleep I would, because I would finally feel a little comfortable, a little less worried, not just in my bed, but in life.

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