The Millennial Fear of Dreams

three faces, one happy, one neutral, and one sad, with boxes next to them to mark

I work in the private English education industry in South Korea; basically, I write assessments for an after-school English program. Last month, I went on a business trip to observe a campus and see how their staff is doing. While walking around the campus's small library full of books like The Magic Tree House and … Continue reading The Millennial Fear of Dreams

Shopping – If I Had a Million Dollars

I remember as a kid we were often asked what we would do if we had a million dollars. In fact, in fifth grade I had to make a presentation with my friend about how exactly we would spend a million dollars. I remember we bought a huge house for rather cheap in Vegas, furnished … Continue reading Shopping – If I Had a Million Dollars

Why I Want to Be Famous

Most of us in our younger years fell in love with the perfect hair, funny interviews, and the overall glitz and glam lifestyle of celebrities. Why want to be normal when you could be Hilary Duff? But alas, there's only one Hilary Duff, and most of us couldn't pull off the crimped hair look of … Continue reading Why I Want to Be Famous

Seven Year-Old You

Little kids dream with their eyes shut and their minds wide open. They look past what the people in their lives are doing and search for the biggest hopes they could have for themselves. They are fearless, not yet having experienced disappointment or the anxiety that comes with risk. New Year's Resolutions beg for at … Continue reading Seven Year-Old You