Reminders for the Dreamers

Do as you say. 
It is a million times easier to say you hope to do something that it is to actually go out and do it. Goals are dreams with a deadline. Make a deadline, make a goal, and from there make a plan of action. You have to learn to be self-motivated and follow your plan to turn your dreams into reality. Don’t just be a dreamer, be a doer.

Don’t sell yourself short.
Everyone has had to start out at square one. Maybe some had a little more help than others, but no one remarkable was simply born that way. They dedicated their time and efforts to learning their craft. You have your own talents and abilities that can be recognized through hard work. We all have the potential to be great.

Always find ways to improve. 
Whether it’s by reading more books on the topic, exercising more, investing in new equipment, or non-stop practicing, there is always some way you can improve. Beyonce’s been fantastic her entire career, but she hasn’t been the same. The greats know that there is always room for improvement and growth and they seek that out however they can. Never stop finding new ways to be great.

Skills are learned.
In the same way that you can always improve, you can always learn new skills. Talent may be innate, but hard work speaks volumes more. It can be incredibly frustrating to feel like you aren’t good enough at whatever it is you want to do, but you just need to keep practicing. It will come. You will get better.

Take care of yourself.
You cannot be the best you if you do not sleep, eat, and exercise. There will be times when you are overtaken by inspiration or dedication and spend all night working on something, and that’s fine. But don’t let it become your every night that you forget to sleep, your every day that you forget to eat. You want your brain and body to always be at peak performance.

Address your shortcomings.
Just as we all have strengths and talents, we all have shortcomings. Allow yourself to be human and forgiving of them, while still working to improve them. Self-hatred is not productive. Shortcomings do not mean the end, they merely mean a place to start.

Don’t take “no” from anyone. 
People are going to tell you your dreams are unrealistic. People are going to tell you you should give up and find something more practical to do. People are going to tell you you aren’t any good. Writers don’t get publishing deals just because they wrote a book. Musicians don’t get record contracts just because they make music. When you hear “no” one hundred times, you just know those are one hundred places you can stop looking in for a “yes.” Find the yes, because it’s out there.

Don’t give up. 
Don’t give up when people tell you to, but also don’t give up when you tell yourself to. Sometimes things get hard, and your brain says that maybe it’s time to throw in the towel and try something new, something more practical, something you’re better at. Don’t listen. You have got this. You will learn from this, and you will rise to the occasion. Be unstoppable.


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