Dear Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,

How do you feel? Do you feel yourself dying? Are you scared of what we’ll do? Or do you know something we don’t? Do you think things will work out?

I want to thank you. Usually on the list of volunteer causes you’re not in my top 3, and I tell people I’m more for helping people than the planet, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care. You are strong and beautiful and necessary. You give all of us life. The air we breathe, the food we eat, the houses we live in – everything has one common source: you.

I feel calmest at the beach, and I’ve always had intrigue for the sea. Forests are glorious, and mountains always seem a little magical. I’ve always been fond of the desert; the way rocks can come in so many shades of red and black and white, they prove that even something known for death can be full of beauty.

Do you feel it when a tree is cut down? Or is that like a paper cut compared to the burning of the rainforests? Does pollution of the ocean and air feel like constant congestion? Do you want to help us, or are we a tumor living within you? The thing about tumors is, they’re just fighting to live, just like the thing they’re growing on. They forget, though, that they can’t live without their host, so if they win that fight, they both die anyway.

So if ‘life will out,’ we’re in this battle to see which life. And I don’t know about you, but most of us are hoping that it’ll be both lives, that we’ll figure out a way to co-exist a bit longer.

See, some of us are trying to reverse it: we’re self conscious tumors. We’ve started recycling, and doing garbage cleanup, and putting limits on pollution. They’re small steps, and we have much longer to go, but hopefully you can hold on a while longer while we figure the rest of it out. Because we’re smart, and we believe that ‘life will out,’ and we know that our lives won’t continue without yours.

Anyway, I hope faeries are real. Or mermaids. Or something magical. Or maybe just you. Also never tell us what’s at the bottom of the sea, we’ll never be ready for that.

Amanda Moore
a self-aware tumor

(prompt: If you could talk to Mother Nature, what would you say?)


One thought on “Dear Mother Nature

  1. I’d thank her for trees and flowers, I’d question her about mosquitos, and I’d beg her for a greener thumb LOL! And of course I’d apologize for not being more aware of her presence sooner! 💐🌳


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