What You Don’t Know

To whom it may concern, -I feel like a fraud every day, in every situation. Today is no exception. This is no exception. -When I say I'm shy, I mean I have social anxiety. I'm nervous and uncomfortable just being around people most of the time. -My mental health is pretty good now, but it … Continue reading What You Don’t Know

Anxiety is Not an Accessory

https://youtu.be/qr2wrpvdvlI Hi, my name's Amanda, and I have anxiety...do you? You, looking for a way to stand out, thinking this will make people care about you. It won't. Being a good person will. But yeah, I see you. You're romanticizing something that millions of people struggle with every day so let me just tell you: … Continue reading Anxiety is Not an Accessory

Good Days Aren’t Always Easy

I'm sure if you tried you could picture what is to you the perfect day: nothing standing in your way, nothing can go wrong (was that just Elle Woods?), but what if I told you your perfect day could come in the form of struggling and nervousness? Here's a better quote: "I'm not telling you … Continue reading Good Days Aren’t Always Easy

The One Where Mental Illness is No Joke

If the point of this series is to record genuine human emotion, then that is the only point of blogging today. You don't want to read about me not at my best, and the post I had planned for today that had nothing to do with my lack of emotional well-being, well, I didn't plan … Continue reading The One Where Mental Illness is No Joke

200 Days of Self Love

I've spent a fair few blog posts documenting my troubles with self love, which led to the decision last Valentine's Day to try an exercise called 365 Days of Self Love. It mostly is what it sounds like, unless you have a very dirty mind about everything: every night I write down in my journal one … Continue reading 200 Days of Self Love