The One Where I’m Walking the Walk

Okay, really it’s more like crawling…but still, we all had to crawl before we walked.

The last Letters I posted was titled “The One Where I’m a Fraud,” and admittedly it was less than my usual motivating content. I just felt so fake, like I wasn’t doing anything for my goals, which is honestly a feeling I get all too often.

Well, not anymore. This year I want my grades to be better than ever (which shouldn’t be that hard), so for once I’m really trying to do my readings and assignments on time every time. Last week I got everything in on time, and it felt so great to finally live up to my potential for once.

I also took steps towards becoming a better writer. I signed up to writer for the school paper, joined the school’s writers guild, and joined the History Student Association. I’m not sure if I can financially afford to go without a job, but if that time I would spend passing out lattes or selling yoga pants is spent instead working on becoming a more experienced published writer, I think it’s absolutely worth the sacrifice. I just hope I can swing it and still eat regularly.

It’s Sunday, so there’s still a Motivation Monday coming tomorrow, but I just want to say that it feels really good to take these steps to being a better me and doing the things I want to do, and if you’re scared to do something, or you keep putting it off for whatever reason, just do it, you’ll feel so much better once you do.

Hope you’re all doing well. x.

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