Just Keep Swimming

I know I just posted a book review (it was supposed to go up days ago) but I couldn’t leave you without a bit of a Motivation Monday.

The book review came late because last week was two parts productive and one part a shit show, with multiple days spent working on blogs and videos and studying, aand multiple days spent being lazy. Ideally I could have finished everything by Sunday and still felt a bit satisfied, but Sunday was actually a national holiday (I’ll post more on that in a couple of days) and I felt the need to seize the day the Norwegian way…with a nap in-between because I hardly slept the night before.

Surprise surprise, I’ve been tired. And more than that, I’m now sick. I woke up today feeling all fuzzy-headed and congested, which is just lovely given I have a three day term paper that began today. That said, I took care of myself and still managed to clean my room, finish that book review (at last!) and move onto some other necessary projects. Because things need to get done, dammit, and I’m not starting the week on the wrong foot.

So there you have it, there’s your motivation today. Even if you feel like crap, you put everything off last weekend, and you aren’t ready to start this new week, just do it. Take it one step and a time and just focus on one item on the to-do list at a time until you’re ready for more. Don’t tire yourself out so much that you won’t be ready for tomorrow, but do enough that you can go to bed feeling accomplished and wake up satisfied the next day, ready to be productive.

Hope you all feel better than I do, and that you have a lovely week! x

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