An Update


And I am still 100% dedicated to this blog. Life has just been a little crazy lately, traveling and what not. I recently got back from a short cruise to Copenhagen. My friend won two free tickets, so we couldn’t complain that it was 17 hours there, 5 hours on land, and 17 hours back. You’d think with all of that time on the ship I would have had plenty of opportunities to blog, but the wifi was so bad that I couldn’t even load a facebook message, soo…

Still, it was fun, despite everything I’m about to say next. I get motion sick very easily, especially on boats. I had never been on a cruise before, and heard that you don’t even feel the motion on them, so I figured I would be safe. Now I didn’t throw up or anything, but I did need travel sickness pills to keep from feeling nauseous, and I was perpetually dizzy. I actually was dizzy until I woke up in my bed on Tuesday, and we docked in Oslo on Monday morning. There was also a torrential downpour during the few hours we had in Copenhagen, to the point that we didn’t even want the five hours we were given.

BUT Copenhagen was lovely, even in the rain. I will definitely have to see it in better weather. The cruise was also lovely, it was a nice ship, and I had good company and tons of duty free chocolate. Who knew M&Ms were such a good cure for panic attacks?

I’m writing this about two hours before I need to get on transit to the airport for my next excursion: a week-long trip to Glasgow, Scotland. One of my best friends is on exchange there for the semester, and she’ll be showing me Glasgow and some of Edinburgh. My alcohol consumption rate is sure to more than triple over the next week, but I think some interesting posts, videos, and pictures should come out of it.

I’ll be sure to get back into a regular schedule of posting here. I’ve just been figuring out that balancing act again between this, travel, and youtube – making videos three times a week is actually a lot of work! I should put school in there, but honestly I just go to class, I haven’t been doing homework. I really should put more effort in. I also need to write more in my novel. I can’t let myself get too distracted from the end goal, even if I have multiple.

Thanks so much for following along with the antics in my head and my life! I’ll be posting again soon. In the meantime, any suggestions on things to see/do in Glasgow?

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