Sometimes You Just Need to Write

Life is full of stories – mine, yours, your aunt’s and uncle’s. There are over seven billion stories being lived in this moment alone, each protagonist struggling to figure out where that story is going. There are men wrongly imprisoned, not knowing when they’ll next see their family, or if they’ll even have a family when they get out. There are girls being sold into slavery that they probably will never make it out of. There are people I can’t refer to as boys or girls, because right now in this moment they don’t even know which one they are, and   that’s   okay.

It’s okay if you’re crying because someone broke your heart. It’s okay if you’re happy despite all the bad, even for the smallest of reasons. Do not feel weak because of your struggle, or guilty for your lack of one. Some of us are born into privilege, and some of us are born into terrifying situations. Our stories are not over, and they will intermingle. We all have something to learn from each other’s stories, and we all have something to give. So if you’re fighting, keep fighting, because one day your bravery will be an example for others. And if you’re sitting comfortably in your room right now reading this, ask yourself: Who’s story could you learn from? Who’s story could you help? 

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