The Mortal Instruments on TV??

I made a video talking about how The Mortal Instruments is coming back as a tv show (starting production in 2015). If this is up your alley, please give it a watch and like/subscribe. It would mean the world to me! Also let me know here or on the video comments what you think of it becoming a tv show, because I’m pretty on the fence still.

2 thoughts on “The Mortal Instruments on TV??

  1. There was gonna be a Delirium TV show? How did I not know this.
    I’m a pretty new fan of TMI (I read the books over summer) so I haven’t yet seen the movie. But if the TV show did make it onto our screens, the thing tag bugs me is that it probably wouldn’t air where I am. 😦
    Hmm… I don’t know what I think of it. :-/


    1. Yup! You can probably find the pilot episode online somewhere (illegally) because in the summer it was released on Hulu for 24 hours. I don’t really understand what they were planning to do with the show though, because they put the entire first book into the pilot episode, and there are only three books…

      I also only read TMI over the summer, but I actually saw the movie first…probably a part of why I like it, but I’m okay with that. I’ve seen it many times since and acknowledge it’s flaws but love it despite them.

      I haven’t had cable in years so I understand your struggle. I think it could go really well or really poorly, but the timeline will always be a tricky situation.

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