Bachelorette’s Bad Rep

Bachelorette is not The Hangover. It has many similar basic elements, sure, in that it takes place in the night before the wedding and focuses on how much the main bridesmaids can royally screw up the approaching big day for the bride. It's also comedic. That's about it though. Where The Hangover is over-the-top ridiculous comedy, pulling out all the tricks that Vegas allows and then some, Bachelorette's comedy is based on very realistic experiences, such as taking too many drugs, trying to get laid at weddings, and how horrible girls can be.

The Mortal Instruments on TV??

I made a video talking about how The Mortal Instruments is coming back as a tv show (starting production in 2015). If this is up your alley, please give it a watch and like/subscribe. It would mean the world to me! Also let me know here or on the video comments what you think of … Continue reading The Mortal Instruments on TV??