Dear Diary

Dear Diary, Today's been okay for the most part. I made it through my classes. Nothing that interesting happened at school. Nothing that interesting happened, period. I just feel so frustrated. Or down. Or I don't know what to call it. It's like this pressure. It's not quite anxiety but it almost is. And no … Continue reading Dear Diary

Missed Connections

“I wanted to know more about you,” if not in the moment, he’d at least have a way with words after the fact. “I wanted to know everything but instead couldn’t ask anything…” This was the fifth missed connections post he’d written in the last…three months? He hadn’t actually found the girls he was writing … Continue reading Missed Connections


(tw: self-harm/cutting) “Hello,” her hand raised, she assessed her reflection. Maybe not. “Hi…hey, what’s up?” Definitely not. This wasn’t some girl scout meeting (not that that would be much better), she wasn’t going to meet her best friends and sing kumbaya. Why did she even have to go to this stupid thing? She knew the … Continue reading Greeting