“How come Ken gets to date all of us but we all have to date him?” The girls were sitting around in the living room, Ken upstairs asleep at 4pm. Typical.

They had been in the living room for about thirty minutes now, just chatting about the usual: outfit changes, unexpected nudity, and, their favorite topic, Ken. Usually they weren’t in the living room for quite so long, but Anna was called to the kitchen to help her mom with something, so they were waiting for her to come back.

“To be fair, we do sometimes date each other,” Barbie chimed in. She didn’t feel the need to defend Ken any more than the next Barbie, but it was true that they all only had each other.

“True, true” the Barbies all collectively agreed.

“Actually,” said Barbie, “I don’t mind that so much. It can be a little weird because we all look the same, but hey, at least we’re all nice.”

More sounds of resounding agreement came from the group of six.

“Sometimes Ken is just a bit of a jerk. I mean, the other day, we went for a drive in his car, and he asked me what my name was.” The circle gasped in unison.

“That is just like him,” Barbie exclaimed, “only ever thinking about himself.”

“I bet his big ego comes from his insecurities because he has no dick.”

“Now now, you don’t need a dick to be a man, only he doesn’t seem to know that.” They all laughed and cheered in agreement.

“I wonder when Anna’s gonna come back, I’m getting cold.” Barbie had been laid on the floor with no top on. This wasn’t uncommon, just inconvenient.

“She’s getting older now,” Barbie said, “you never know these days when she walks away if she’ll forget about us altogether.” Barbie had been around the longest, she’d seen Anna’s older sister grow up and move on from the dollhouse. She was wise and learned, but secretly still worried.

“What happens then?” the worry was clear on Barbie’s face, and Barbie and Barbie also looked concerned.

“Then, we wait. We rest. Maybe she’ll give us to someone else, or maybe she’ll keep us somewhere. Your guess is as good as mine.”

Suddenly they all got quiet, thinking about the inevitable, wondering which path Anna would take, waiting for her to come back.

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